About the Internship

OPTIM PROJECT MANAGEMENT is the leading Design, Project, Cost & Construction Management company operating in the private sector in Romania and Bulgaria. The company was incorporated in July 2009 and brings refreshing new ideas to the Romanian and Bulgarian construction market, combined with considerable professional experience. Our core team of Architects, Engineers, Commercial and Cost Managers have a number of years working with international project management companies and are well accustomed to working to the highest possible standards. 

Key Responsibilities

The Assistant Manager is responsible for managing the overall variety of documents associated with a Construction Project. The position involves coordinating with the different departments within an organization and ensuring that the documents are kept in the right location and are accessible to all internal users. This role often involves working to deadlines and ensuring that all of the project's stakeholders are following the same procedures with regards to documents.

  • Responsible for validating any information contained in the document, as well as ensuring that the document and any other files submitted with it are approved by the appropriate superior.
  • Responsible for coordination among the different departments within the company and ensuring that all documents are kept in the appropriate place and filed in the appropriate departmental archive.
  • Administrative on-site responsibilities;
  • Works closely with the Project Manager and the other PM team members, representing the Client's interest in relation with the General Contractor, the Specialized Contractors and the local Authorities;
  • Daily correspondence in English;
  • Translations.


Education experience in Industrial Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture.

Why you should join us

Our Internship is a great way for college students or recent graduates to obtain valuable work experience.