Information about the company that’s offering the internship:

Toddlers Academy Nursery and Kindergarten is a bilingual kindergarten in Sofia, where subjects are taught both in English and in Bulgarian. Since 2010 Toddlers Academy has been providing quality early years education in Sofia. 

We specialise in teaching languages to very young children through play and a structured programme of activities throughout the day. We feel privileged to be one of the first places outside the home where children make friends and begin their education; our multinational groups are structured like a big family, in which each child is encouraged to enhance their individual personality, while learning to interact with others.“

During the summer we usually have administration interns who help run the centre. Also, of course, teaching internships are carried out—the interns take care of children and organize fun learning activities. 

Internships are paid, and you work from nine to five, with an hour break at midday. What is noteworthy, we´re talking about an educational institution, an organization that facilitates learning; therefore, it is expected that interns who are fortunate enough to be part of the team will also get to enjoy a dynamic learning experience.

Daily duties:

  • Will interact with students one-on-one or in small groups of 10-12 students.
  • Will read and discuss stories, engage in various alphabet and math activities that may include playing games and reinforcing skills covered in the classroom.
  • Help keep work areas neat and organized to promote positive image.  Use appropriate behavior in keeping with the mission, vision and beliefs and in accordance with operating procedures and policies.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Ability to follow instructions.
  • Must have strong organisational and communication skills, be a team player. 
  • Must be detail-oriented. Professional and trustworthy conduct is required. Must be courteous and respectful. 
  • Must be a high school student in good standing.  Must be poised, mature and possess a positive attitude while being flexible.
  • Loves to work with young children.
  • Compassionate, patient, kind to all.
  • Business casual attire is required.

Requirements for the applicant

  • Studies: 

Teaching, Languages, Education, Psychology, Economy

  • Required languages: 

English – Required 

  • Desired experience: 

Previous experience with children as teacher, educator, animator, caregiver, etc. is much appreciated

  • IT skills: 

Not required

  • Other requirements: 

Looking for someone orientated to teaching, caring for children and with excellent communication skills

*Important information:

Location - Sofia

Working hours - Monday to Friday, From 9am to 5pm


This description does not list all duties. Intern may be asked to perform other duties by the staff or supervisor. Intern will be evaluated on performance of the projects listed as well as interaction with employees and clients.

Safety expectations, including harassment, should be reviewed and discussed with the management of the institution.