About the Internship: 

We are looking for people with legal background. The person will assist the Liability department. The position offers the opportunity to start a career in the Liability class of business. We expect a huge growth of the line in future years, creating a huge necessity of experienced liability underwriters that currently lack on the market.

For our financial department we are looking for a person with financial background, one that can read and analyse balance sheets of companies. The person will learn how to use the analysed data in order to supply insurance terms, conditions and premiums to the client thus retaining a healthy insurance portfolio. 

Key Responsibilities: 

Assisting the respective underwriters with the everyday workflow (administrative work and underwriting)


Legal and financial background

Why you should join us: 

Underwriting is a skill that should be learnt in practice. We offer the opportunity to work and learn in a challenging environment with highly experienced professionals.