At Barrie Media we have decades of experience as top-level journalists, filmmakers and trainers. We’re multilingual, international, and we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in Europe, from London and Brussels, to Berlin and Moscow.

As presenters, correspondents, and senior editors we’ve been crafting stories for award-winning programmes at the BBC – the world’s most famous broadcaster – for years. Now we use those skills to bring brand stories to life – to tell them for you, or help you tell your own.

We’re based in London and Sofia, and work with Bulgarian organisations, polishing their English-language communications to reach new markets in the UK and beyond.  

We offer:   

  • the highest quality video for websites and presentations.
  • coaching in English presentation skills - live, and on camera.
  • coaching in dealing with the media and getting the coverage you want.
  • Advice on developing ideas and messages to reach a British and international audience, including through social media.