DataStork solves complex business problems in efficient way through state-of-art software development and experienced consultancy.

We are cohesive team of recognized professionals which played key roles in the creation of game-changing software such as the VMware’s Virtualization, Uber’s On-demand Mobility, SAP CRM or Bosch Internet-of-Things.

Our methodologies honor customer needs and provide control, predictability and accuracy. Our experience and full technology coverage ensures quality and cost efficiency.

Areas of Expertise

DataStork software engineering helps business of all sizes to...


1.  Increase effectiveness through:

        a. BigData zero latency collection and analysis for rapid and accurate decisions

        b. Artificial Intelligence to discover hidden assets and trends

        c. Multi-channel eCommerce solutions and custom software

        d. Tailored software engineering trainings


2. Scale-out and reach more clients with:

        a. Resilient 24/7 Service Oriented Architectures in Cloud and SaaS deployments

        b. Cohesive integration, through APIs and data flows

        c. Responsive Web and Mobile platforms

3. Reduce Opex through:

        a. Cloud/Virtual infrastructure management automatization

        b. Decrease IT downtime through intelligent health monitoring and prediction


WEB: datastork.io

E-mail: info@datastork.io

T: +359 888 542 863