LRQA is a world leading, independent provider of professional assurance services including management system certification, validation, verification and training to bespoke and international standards and schemes.

• World's leading provider of independent assessment services

• Global organisation, working in over 120 countries

• Recognised by over 50 accreditation bodies

• Part of Lloyd's Register Group Limited

What we do

Certification - Once a successful assessment is carried out and technical approval given, we award you a certificate. It provides credibility for your stakeholders through the globally recognised LRQA brand.

Training - We provide practical client training courses worldwide in various languages, led by trained and qualified tutors. Many of our courses are endorsed by relevant professional bodies and based on our experience of assessing management systems.

Verification and validation - Within the climate change arena, our verification and validation services help you to both meet regulations and go further, by implementing voluntary improvements which can have significant business and environmental benefits.

Gap Analysis - We'll assess how ready your system is for a certification assessment.

Business improvement services to meet your unique requirements - Your business is unique. Its needs, goals and objectives are different than any other organisation.This differentiates you and gives you business advantage, but may also require a customised approach to the way your business processes and programmes are identified, managed, measured and improved upon.

Combined Assessments - More than 50 accreditation bodies recognise LRQA’s work in areas such as quality, environment, and health and safety.

Transfer to LRQA - It's easy to transfer your existing certification to LRQA. We're here to help make the changeover as quick and easy as possible.


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