Why "Nice Moments Ltd"?

Are you looking for something different, creative and sensational? If the answer is YES, "Nice Moments Ltd" is just what you're looking for …to make your event to be sensational. We will add your event a guaranteed "WOW" effect!

What are our advantages?

Fast production on the spot of event, quality and life-time product makes "Nice Moments Ltd" an integral part of any event. Fascinate your guests with this “instant souvenir” and turn them into stars of the event!

How do we work?

We have for you a dedicated professionals with an endless supply of amazing ideas how to make  your souvenir. We work as a true miniature factory of memories! For an hour our event team composed of two professionals - technical and professional photographer - will prepare several magnets and ... guess what we need? Room with an area of 2 × 2 m + supply power is enough! Fantastic, isn’t it!

Always prepared

To find out  more about the concept of "instant souvenir" make an inquiry here or contact us directly.

We treat our Customer requests with maximum attention!


Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, 1700, 110 "Simeonovsko Shose" Blvd.

M: +359(0)878482284

E-mail: hubavi-momenti@gmail.com

WEB: www.hubavi-momenti.bg

Facebook: @Hubavi Momenti