Orgachim JSC is the largest producer of paints, lacquers, resins and anhydrides in Bulgaria and one of the largest and best equipped chemical companies in Southeast Europe. The company has a history of over 115 years in the production of specialty chemicals and coatings with modern facilities and significant resources used for the development of new products. Orgachim has more than 2000 products, over 600 employees, 5 company stores, distributors and partners in the country and abroad.

The company has 4 main business units:

Decorative coatings in the DIY segment – interior and exterior paints, impregnating lacquers, primers and enamels for wood, systems for corrosion protection of metal;

Construction solutions – thermal insulation system, hydro insulation systems, industrial flooring, systems for fire protection of metal constructions;

Industrial coatings – systems for corrosion protection of metal, industrial coatings for wood, road marking, coatings for metal packages;

Auto refinishing products – lacquer coatings, corrosion protection, professional mixing system, auxiliary materials. 


Orgachim JSC

Address: 21 “Treti mart” blvd., Ruse 7000, Bulgaria

T: +359 82 886222

E-mail: info@orgachim.bg

WEB: http://www.orgachim.bg