ScaleFocus develops specialized software solutions and provides technological services. The company was founded in March 2012 and delivers Software Solutions’ Development and Integration; Data, Information and Processes Management, eCommerce, Mobile, Portals; System Security Audits and Quality Assurance; and Managed services and end-to-end solutions implementation to over 120 companies across 21 countries in the world. Through this wide range of projects ScaleFocus accumulated deep industry expertise in Insurance, Finance, Banking, Telco, e-commerce, Logistics, etc.

The company strives to bring the best solutions to all its customers through partnering with most of the big enterprise vendors - IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, SAP, TIBCO, VMware, Appian. The rapid growth of ScaleFocus was recognized with multiple national and international awards. Pursuing the corporate plans for a global footprint, ScaleFocus opened a fully-owned office in London. Since its establishment the company acquired four smaller local players with niche expertise and stepped into a second-tier delivery location (Plovdiv) building a team of about 340 meticulous professionals and representative offices in Washington D.C. and Zurich.


E-mail: office@scalefocus.com 

WEB: www.scalefocus.com