TAB EOOD is consulting company, specializing in innovative people management practices, suited for today’s fast-paced, hyper-competitive world. We help our clients achieve “the triple bottom line” – happy employees, delighted clients and satisfied investors/owners. We advise companies how to achieve extraordinary results with ordinary people. Services we provide:

  • Analysing levels of engagement, collaboration, knowledge sharing, trust and other vital parameters in organizations
  • Designing and implementing change programs leading to high-performance culture
  • Designing and running training programs for leaders and staff:
    • New leadership skills – what is needed in today’s hyper-competitive world
    • Motivation and engagement of people
    • People management for Non-HR people
    • Agile management – twice the work in half the time and people are happy
  • Use of modern people management instruments and systems:
    • Gamestorming and gamification
    • Corporate crowdsourcing of ideas
    • Design thinking
    • Big data people management analytics


Address: Sofia, Bulgaria 27 Parchevich str.

T: +3592/ 832 88 86

E-mail: office@tab-bg.com 

WEB: http://tab-bg.com/gb