The Bulgarian Careers Fair will take place at the Bulgarian Embassy in London on March 10, 2018. The Fair is organised by and for Bulgarian students for the fifth consecutive year. The aim is to create direct contact and information exchange between Bulgarians abroad and top companies recruiting in Bulgaria

Date & Time: March, 2018

Venue: Bulgarian Embassy in London

We would like to invite BBBA members to consider participating directly in the Fair. For those of you who would like participate, but will not be able to, BBBA has been invited to represent a group of members with a joint stand. Should there be sufficient interest among our members, we will arrange for a BBBA representative to participate on your behalf and to represent your company. 

We will represent your companies for a fee of 500 BGN. The package includes:

  • Presentation of your company will be projected at the BBBA stand.
  • We will get acquainted with your recruitment needs and will present them to the students at the Fair.
  • Your company logo will be exposed at the Fair website and at the event.
  • We will collect CVs of candidates interested in your company.
  • You will have the opportunity to register at the Fair website and post job adverts. The first one for each member will be free of charge.
  • You will be able to purchase CVs database at the special additional price of 300 BGN. 

Please review the presentation of the Bulgarian Careers Fair and let us know if you are interested to participate directly or to be represented by BBBA no later than Febuary 10, 2018. Grasp this opportunity to get access to highly qualified candidates with experience abroad and to support the mission of bringing talented Bulgarians back to BG!

BBBA members willing to participate in person in the Careers Fair, will be able to purchase the Premium Package at a 50% discount.

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