The Bulgarian Chevening Association invites BBBA members to participate and/or sponsor their Round table discussion, bringing together academic leaders, policymakers, business representatives and other key stakeholders, to discuss bridging the gap between the worlds of education and labour market keeping in mind the local and global challenges and jobs of the future. 

The Bulgarian Chevening Association will give a 30% discount for members of partner organizations.

The topics of the discussion:

  • Jobs of the Future/ skills and knowledge needed on the labour market; 
  • Best practices in education and how we define its quality: From the kindergarten to the university and beyond
  • The future is here: How are we developing talents to be successful in the fast- changing workplace environment? Good practice examples

The discussion will be attended by the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Bisser Petkov. Parallel to the Round table discussion an exhibition and workshops for demonstration of new professions will be organized in the foyer in front of the hall. Companies will have the opportunity to present, discuss prospects and even show jobs for the future to learners, teachers and parents.

You can find the invitation for the event in the attached files. There is an added a survey to the invitation, as this is the start of a larger project on mentoring, which is already submitted to FCO.

For further information about participation and sponsorship, please see the files below.