How to create sustainable profitable company?

Drivers of the financial success at various stages of company’s development

On May 30th prof. Eric Flamholtz will present know-how and useful practical examples based on 35 years of experience with companies worldwide.

Is there a common formula for success? Are there any general signs of failure?

Particular tasks need to be done in order to create a sustainable successful business. Do you know them?

And why concept, strategy, business fundamentals, efficiency, management, organization infrastructure are not just an academic terms but a knowledge that will drive your company to the SUCCESS.

Club Entrepreneurship presents the world-famous business advisor of the most successful global companies and the author of the best-selling book “Growing pains” – prof. Eric Flamholtz.   

Among the companies that sought his expertise and trusted him are many of the world leaders in their sectors, such as: IBM, Amgen, Neutrogena, The Disney Store, Allianz Global, FedEx, Nike, Colgate-Palmolive, General Motors, PepsiCo, Reuters (Switzerland) and many others.

By using practical experience during the seminar and the workshop part, prof. Flamholtz will reveal how to how to create sustainable profitable company and what the drivers of the financial success are.

What makes this event different?

The unique information, know-how and approach that have been proven in practice to promote sustainably successful growth and measurable results over the past 35 plus years!


Who should attend?

Entrepreneurs, business owners, high and middle level management, start-up companies, young and ambitious students etc. Everyone who wants to be stronger and better prepared to face the challenges of building his businesses and become best of class organizations.


Why attend?

  • To get the know-how of an internationally recognized expert who comes in Bulgaria for the first time;
  • To improve and expand your individual performance and that of your company;
  • To improve and expand your individual performance and that of your company;
  • To find the path to continuous sustainable growth of your company

Club Entrepreneurship – Talking with prof. Eric Flamholtz will be held on May 30th at Capital Fort, Conference Centre.



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