How Should Schools of Today Prepare the Youngsters for Tomorrow?

The possibility pupils of today may have to one day start working a job that does not exist today is increasing with every year passing. Companies looking at the future have long insisted on hiring employees with analytical and flexible skills – allowing them to adapt to a constantly changing environment. According to the World Economic Forum among the most important skills needed for the jobs of 2020 are complex problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, emotional intelligence and the ability for opinion and decision making.

Parents of today are convinced their children should have much more than simple theoretical knowledge – youngsters must know how to handle life, find solutions and be pro-active. In the dynamic and demanding environment we are living in, everyone’s eyes are turned to the School as an educational institution. It is the place to form a way of thinking in children from a very early age - and it should be such a way of thinking useful both for the economy of the future, and the kids’ personal success and content.

The Education for Professions of the Future Forum shall bring forth ideas, among others:

• How a school day should look like today in order for the gained knowledge to be useful tomorrow

• How the school curriculum should integrate building of skills the new world shall surely demand

• How to train teachers and principals in order to be able to provide the best support to their pupils

The event will consist of three parts

• Conference - presentations and discussions from foreign and Bulgarian educational experts, teachers, principals and representatives of business

• workshops for teachers and principals

• exhibition with modern educational products and services

Venue: Sofia Event Center

Participation fee: 24 BGN

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