DigitalKidZ” Foundation is an experienced and reliable partner in digital transformation in education since the 2014. Mission and vision of DigitalKidZ haven’t changed for five years, though we can’t say the same for our aims. After every successfully finished project, we set ourselves new and higher goals.

Five years are extremely short time, but for us they were a real adventure.

For these years, we have succeeded to place the term “DigitalKidZ” into the public space and to raise dozens of public discussions about the challenges and needs of changing the approach to teaching children who are not aware with the world before technology. We believe to have successfully established some of the new trends in the sphere of digital education in our country, thanks to our partnership with the Finland Embassy in Bulgaria and have contributed the rise of digital literacy in Bulgaria. We create sustainable projects, exchange information and attract foreign specialists in the field of technologies and education in Bulgaria. Preparing for the digital world in which Bulgarian students are about to develop, plays a key role in school education.

In 5 years we have successfully:

  • trained 1500 children in the Open Source School initiative and DigitalKidZ STEM Clubs;
  • trained 900+ teachers and parents to apply DigitalKidZ educational program at home and school, increasing their digital literacy;
  • raised 6500,00 USD for a cause - Support STEM education in 1000 Bulgarian schools in Global Giving crowd-funding platform.
  • Organized 7 TechEdu conferences with 60+ speakers from Bulgaria, UK, Finland, USA and France
  • DigitalKidZ Conference is supported by the Ministry of Education and the European Commission – Commissioner Mariya Gabriel (Digital single market ICT Research & Innovation) is a patron of the conference.

They say that the best is about to come. We believe it is true, because the next few months we are about to dedicate to the new projects of the Foundation and among them are DigitalKidZ Open Source School – a partnership program for schools and their STEM clubs and educational DigitalKidZ Go! projects with which children will be able to put into practice school’s boring theory and to build a healthy connection with technologies, in support of the future’s professions.

We wish for ourselves in the next five years Bulgaria to appear on the European map as an example of worth for changing the educational system and implementing innovations in education. We promise to continue doing the necessary for making this become a fact.

We will be glad if we are more and unite our strivings.