The first annual E-Infratech Conference, organized by and Wolf Theiss, offers a discussion platform on how connectivity & technology are providing opportunities for society, industry and infrastructure.

When: 09:00 – 14:30, 21st of June 2018

Where: Sofia Capital Fort

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SMART technologies and IoT have already profoundly impacted the way vertical infrastructure business models create value. From smart cities and homes to industrial automation, e-mobility and interconnectivity of the infrastructure by 2025 IoT will be deeply integrated in the way we operate locally and regionally, including in CEE. 5G is a key enabler for the new intelligent ecosystem and understanding more about the new operating models, the regulatory and legal frameworks will help your business address the forthcoming challenges and opportunities.


  • Connectivity for infrastructure – 4G/5G as key enabler for e-infrastructure development
  • Technology for infrastructure: loT 2025 Horizon
  • JVs in e-infrastructure: legal case studies
  • Industrial automation and scalability: future trends
  • Mobility of delivery and retail
  • Power management and CEP opportunities
  • Energy storage: Future of flexible power management
  • E-mobility: vehicles of the future
  • Distributed energy control systems: industry best practice example
  • Cyber security

Technologies and IoT are also transforming the traditional energy sector. Solutions towards efficient power and storage management give companies in the sector opportunities to become global technology players. The new legal framework under the Clean Energy Package will push further the sector allowing for new commercial solutions and efficiencies.  In addition, the cyber security is considered the new “health and safety” for the businesses to manage operational risks and ensure data protection.

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