ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 – Now extended to 4 days and with new location - Sofia Ring Mall

Invitation to "Challenge the Future!" From 13th to 16th September at Sofia Ring Mall

The preparation of the first ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 is in a full swing. Regardless of the summer season, the ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO team is working at full speed to organize a successful event to open the way to the new mobility and its strong entrance in Bulgaria.

They believe that electromobility needs a focused and powerful exposure, because it is a very early - going sector, which has an obvious future but sweak market presence in our country. We want, along with you, to change this, so we have taken some small but key steps to a better positioning in the market and also an opportunity to promote electromobility as achievement, potential and lifestyle.

They chose a new location in Sofia Ring Mall because nothing compares with the flow of people which will visit the place to prepare their children for their first day at school. They extended the two day period to four day period from September 13 to September 16, 2018 including the weekend, so that thousands of people could see the future of transport and mobility.

For the organizers, it is important to offer their exhibitors the best conditions.

From 13th to 16th September in Sofia Ring Mall they guarantee:

  • Modern exposure areas with constantly high passenger traffic;
  • More days to present your models, developments, products and services;
  • The strength of the first school day and a location where you can get everything you need;
  • Extended working hours and weekends, which opens a wide horizon for visitors;
  • The lack of an entry fee, which will attract more visitors, and will increase the interest into the exhibits;
  • Better opportunities and convenience for parking;
  • Convenient test driving routes;
  • Easy and reliable storage of test cars in the Sofia Ring Mall underground parking lot during the nights of the exhibition days.

ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 will retain its shape and financial conditions for participation, but with a 4 - day specialized exposition, one - day integrated conference session, test drive and demonstrations. The extended advertising and information campaigns for the event will allow us to attract the widest general and specialized audience of fans of new technologies in mobility, clean energy and modern cars (electric and hybrid) and transport services.

More information and conditions for participation can be found on their website: www.emobilityexpo.eu.

Register for the conference here: https://emobilityexpo.eu/en/conference/registration.html

Their team is available to provide you with a floors layout and discuss the best options and parameters for exposure of your models, products or services.

You can respond by September 3, 2018, and for further information you can use the following contact details:

The Team of Project ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018

For areas and stand construction:

Georgi Sotirov - tel .: 0889546506 and email: office@emobilityexpo.eu

Nina Nikolova - tel .: 0888228149 and email: office@emobilityexpo.eu