The Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence is an alliance of expert knowledge in the field of Emotional Intelligence (EI) which popularizes, develops and promotes EI in Bulgaria and abroad.

The main objective of the Foundation is to bring together scientists, experts, soft skills trainers and other trainers, mediators and facilitators in the field of EI to promote, establish and develop international and intercultural collaborations supporting scientific and applied EI research and activities in Bulgaria and abroad. Thus we guarantee the scientific value of knowledge in the field of EI and sustainability in popularizing the results of international scientific research.

The Foundation is also a center for education and training, development of leadership and managerial competencies, exchange of information and experience, as well as execution of research in the field of EI. It helps develop the expertise in Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Maturity by efficiently delivering public and corporate services such as trainings, programs and projects for development of the human capital, leadership and management in every professional sphere.

Through its work, the Foundation seeks to contribute to the development of EI knowledge and competencies in various social areas and to improve publicity about its effects in achieving a balance between personal and professional life.


The First International Conference on Emotional Intelligence - Smart Strategy for Success, as part of the Emotional Intelligence Week in Bulgaria, will be held on April 15, 2019.

The purpose of the Conference is to bring together leading researchers and scientists to share current international research and creative applications of Emotional Intelligence with professionals from the business environment in Bulgaria. Our aim is to bring together the scientific knowledge and the EI research results that can be used to achieve business success and manage people in a business environment.

Speakers’ topics will provide new knowledge to the business and are appropriate for business leaders and managers, human resources managers, management consultants, academics and students, recruiters and recruiting specialists, consultants and coaches.

The event is organized by the Foundation for the Development of Emotional Intelligence with Executive Director Dr. Antonina Kardasheva, the Founder and Executive Director of the Foundation for Developing Emotional Intelligence, National Coordinator of the International Society of Emotional Intelligence, New York, USA, and with the support of Prof. Konstantin Petrides, founder of the London Psychometric Laboratory and Professor of Psychology and Psychometry at University College London (UCL), and Dr. John Pellitteri, President of the International Society of Emotions Intelligence, NY, USA, and an associate professor at Queens College, City University of New York.

The agenda of the Conference includes presentations of results of scientific psychological research and applied aspects of Emotional Intelligence in the following areas:

  • Methodology, measurement and evaluation of Emotional Intelligence
  • Business environment and organizational development
  • Sales process
  • AI
  • Consulting and coaching

Several keynote presentations by world-renowned experts in the field of emotional intelligence and discussion will be provided in the conference program to provide more targeted and in-depth knowledge of different areas of Emotional Intelligence research and application.

The conference will be held in English. Simultaneous translation will be provided.

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