The organisers of the festival of Bulgarian culture in London are looking for sponsors. This is an opportunity if you want to invite your British colleagues to a Bulgarian event in central London or share with other your stories of successful British Bulgarian business ventures.

The Festival is organised by the London Bulgarian Association in cooperation with the British Bulgarian Society and the Bulgarian City Club.

The half-a-day festival commemorates Bulgaria’s Day of Culture and the Cyrillic Script (celebrated in Bulgaria on 24 May), aims to give Bulgarian Londoners a sense of belonging to London as well as make them visible to other Londoners.  The festival seeks to show the Bulgarian disaspora’s contributions to the cultural and economic wealth of London both through performances by Bulgarian artists living in London and the selection of the venue – Golden Squre in Soho, where in 2018 Bulgrian Londoners planted Bulgarian roses as a gift to London.

Unveilled in October 2018, a small plaque in the square says the roses are a gift of Bulgarian Londoners to London. The Bulgrain roses were planted in Golden Square in commemoration of the roses planted in early 70s in the same square as gift from Sofia Municipality to the City of Westminster. Although the original roses died in the late 90s the information boards in Golden Square still refer to them; hence Bulgarian Londoner’s decision to plant Bulgarian roses again and revive the tocken of British Bulgarian friendship. The link with Soho is imporant for Bulgarian Londoners as the history of Soho’s migrant residents resonates powerfully with the Bulgarian diaspora today.

The festival will draw upon the lessons learnt from last year’s event in commemoration of Bulgaria’s Day of Culture in Golden Square in Soho and will target non Bulgarian audience. Like last year, the festival will include a programme of Bulgarian artists in London – dancers, singers, musicians, as well as speeches dedicated to the day of Bulgarian culture, the Cyrillic alphabet and the relations between Bulgaria and the UK.

This year’s festival programme is broader in terms of scope and performers.  The programme is divided into 3 parts, each about 40 minute long. At the start of part I a professor from Queen Mary University of London will explain the significance of the Cyrillic alphabet, the role of Medieval Bulgaria in the spreading of the alphabet in Eastern Europe and the celebration of national culture, education and arts in Bulgaria. The first part will include also folk dances by pupils from the Bulgarian language school in Sutton.

Part II includes classical music performances and songs. This part will include also a performance by an African Theatre in London whose director studied in Bulgaria and is a friend of Bulgaria in London. 

Part III is dedicated to Bulgarian literature and will include recitals of Bulgarian poems translated into English and a talk with a publisher about translations of Bulgarian literature into English.

The festival will also include 12 stands with books, arts and crafts made by Bulgarian artists in London or related to Bulgaria and an area for children with an animator and an artist showing children how to write their names with Cyrilic letters.

The Westminster City Hall has already given permission for the festival to take place on 19 May, from 1 pm until 5 pm.

The team of festival organisers consists of 7 people. On the festival day the team will be supported by 10 volunteers. About 15 artists will take part in the programme.

It is expected up to 400 people to come to the festival – which is twice as many people in comparision with last year’s event - most of whom will be British friends and colleagues of Bulgarian Londoners. Invitations will be sent to Westminster City’s councillors, the City Hall, Museum of London, British Museum, Museum of Migration, the Bulgarian Embassy, Bulgarian language schools in London and other community organisations with whom the London Bulgarian Association has cooperated.

Information about the festival will be sent to people who have previosuly attended events of the London Bulgarian Association, the British Bulgarian Society and the Bulgarian City Club and is published on website We have asked Bulgarian Londoners to bring along their non-Bulgarian colleagues and friends to the festival.

Sponsors can be given stalls to present their business or be included into the programme to talk about successful British Bulgarian business venture.

If you would like to express your support you can make a donation to the following account:


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Account No 33784770

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For more information write to or call 00447588727385.