The International Women’s Club of Sofia (IWC) is pleased to invite BBBA members and friends to their 23rd Annual Charity Bazaar, which will take place from 10:30 until 19:00 on Sunday, 3rd of December at the Inter Expo Centre in Sofia, 147 Tsarigradsko Shose Blvd.

Every year the Annual Charity Bazaar provides an opportunity for countries to proudly showcase their handmade crafts, music, souvenirs, folklore, national cuisine, clothing, literature and now even culture and tradition. At 2016 year’s Bazaar, more than 57 countries were represented by 60 stalls.

Although the Bazaar presents a day of fun and entertainment, it also serves as the principal source of funding for the IWC’s selected charity projects. Thanks to the generous support of our embassies, sponsors community, as well as local and foreign businesses, the money raised through last year’s Bazaar was over 377,000.00 BGN. This money is allocated to provide much needed humanitarian aid and fund educational, health and training programs throughout Bulgaria. Please visit the IWC website for further information on their current projects :

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