Crash Courses for Managers and Entrepreneurs by MDV and Капитал

-30% Early Bird Offer for BBBA Members

Business School MDV Professional Education and Капитал invite you to join the third edition of their crash courses for successful managers and entrepreneurs with a preferential early bird offer.

Book Business Essentials 2018 under exclusive terms – available now only for BBBA members.

You can choose 1 module that suits your interests or enrol for the whole level.
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The courses cover key areas of business and management.
The programme is structured into levels:

  • BE1 - Know Your Business
  • BE2 - Manage Your Business
  • BE3 - Grow Your Business

Each of them includes a package of thematic modules - financial management, financial analysis and operational risk management, legal framework, marketing, human resources management.

In 2018 a new, fourth level is added to the programme - Advanced Masterclass. It includes strategic theory framework and strategic business cases with a conclusive simulation game requiring interaction and application of advanced skills.

The contents of all other modules is updated and further expanded in accordance with constructive feedback of participants in previous editions. All learning outcomes and key topics relate to current situation and most common problems companies face in Bulgarian business environment.

Trainings are practical and suitable for managers and entrepreneurs, as well as specialists who are just starting a new role, demanding broader knowledge and skills - the rising stars of developing companies. All tutors are accredited lecturers for professional qualifications such as АССА, CIMA, CfQ (ICAEW), CIM and other major institutes. They have international experience in their area and apply a validated trainers’ approach, being part of the MDV and BPP team. The London-based BPP Professional Education is a renowned global leader and MDV is the local representative for Bulgaria.

Each module is taught in two consecutive days from 09:00 tо 17:00, mainly in a convenient sequence of Fridays and Saturdays. The trainings are intensive because we value your time and we know that professionals stick to a busy schedule. Level BE1 starts on 12 January 2018 and other classes will be allocated in the following weeks up to mid-April (Masterclass end). Registration is flexible so each participant will have a choice of modules and levels.

Business Essentials classes aim to take your business to the next level and help you advance in your career. Top-notch tutors will help you understand the processes and indicators that every manager should consider, introducing best practices and sharing hands-on industry experience.

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For more details and group discounts: / T: +359 887 492 126 – Hristina Hristova, Manager Marketing and Business Development