Eight successful entrepreneurs share their experience

The first FORUM on shared business experience will be held on October 19th in Sofia. In it, successful entrepreneurs coming from various businesses will share their ways of dealing with and overcoming difficulties when starting a business. The event is organised by BNI Bulgaria – a branch of the international business referral organization BNI. BBBA is partnering in the event and shares BNI’s philosophy of successful networking.

Eight of the members of the different BNI chapters in Bulgaria, whose road is a provocation, experience and ground for successful business, have been selected as speakers at the forum MY BUSINESS ROAD.

Date: 19 October, Thursday
Venue: Hotel Marinela, Sofia

The event is expected to gather over 200 representatives of different businesses, entrepreneurs, and leaders! The topics to be presented by the lectors will focus on their personal stories and the choices they have made in developing their companies, as well as the challenges they have overcome.


 “How to make our employees work as if they were our partners” – Nikolay Kondev, owner of Number 1 Advertising Agency, member of the BNI Partners chapter.

 “Success – hand in hand with our personal ideology” – Pavel Chriskov, founder of Intellexis Bulgaria, member of the BNI Success chapter.

 “Manager, freelancer, employer, entrepreneur - what I learned from these roles?” – Angelina Penkova, founder of Comtrail Marketing agency, strategic marketing consulting and communications

 “Nothing will come out of you, Gena!” - Gena Sabeva, Sabevi Group – construction investor consultant – traveling the road from a petty retailer to an investor

 “Dentistry with passion” – Dr. Branimir Kirilov, owner and manager of dental clinic Medical Dent

“About confectionery as a passion, or more of Cake Box” – Victoria Alexieva, founder and manager of confectionery shop Cake Box

“The road of Creditland” – Deyan Vassilev, founder and executive director of My Money

 “Why I never lost faith” Nadezhda (Faith) Vaneva, founder and PR Director of 3CON Communication agency

 “Many people marvel at the success of individuals such as Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates. Their businesses and ideas inspire them. The whole world is amazed by the fruits of their labor and efforts. Their products have capitalized billions and it all somehow looks as if achieved with ease or by sheer luck? In my relatively short business experience and having observed the stories of such people, I have noticed there’s something in common between them and the actual point at which success ensues,” shares Pavel Chriskov.

BNI’s philosophy is “Giving business to others, you will get business in return!” (Givers Gain®). The guiding principles at the focus of the organization are Traditions and Innovation, Recognition and Responsibility. BNI’s power lies in the power of shared values, the huge positive energy that unites local businesses and helps them become more skilled and bigger together, and also leave a significant mark.


Entrance fee for BNI members – 20 BGN

Every member has the opportunity to invite a substitute, partner or friend at the price of a member.

Standard entrance fee: 35 BGN

Entrance fee at the door: 45 BGN

Registration is available on sabitie.bg

More information is available in the official blog of the organisation >>>

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 “We believe in the power of shared values, in the huge positive energy that unites local businesses and helps them become more skilled and bigger together, and also leave a significant mark. This is the secret of shared experience.” – the event mission presented by Svetlana Prodanova-Valcheva, National Director, BNI Bulgaria.