Publishing House Ciela, City Library and the creators of the Power and Responsibility series – Svilen Spassov, Zahari Karabashliev and Hristo Blajev invite you to the premiere of the book 

Churchill's Legacy 
by Lord Alan Watson

on Monday, 11 December, 18:30
at the American Corner, City Library, 4 Slaveykov Sq.

“Usually, in the life of the great leaders, an event or a decision determines their place in history. Churchill has two: 1940 - the resistance to Nazi aggression, followed by the victory over Hitler, and 1946 - the victory over Stalin, forged only by the power of speech and the vision of the good future of the people.

To re-engage the war-torn United States and breathe energy into Europe, you must be not just anyone but Winston Churchill. And the volcano of political thoughts, strategy and word erupts. Not once, but twice, in two cities, almost 10,000 km apart. The speech of the Iron Curtain in Fulton and the speech for the European Union in Zurich are an expression of the genius of his political prophecy.”

Svilen Spassov, creator of the Power and Responsibility Series