The programs and trainings that we create, are designed for the companies employees. They are focused on caring for the well being of a person in a work environment. They establish healthy connection with his workplace, boost his productivity, motivation and help him to activate his inner resources. The method we developed and used in the trainings is innovative. For that reason, people often find hard to imagine what to expect from these trainings.

And this is the reason why, we decided to organize a couple of trainings specially designed for managers of different companies.So that way each of you will have the chance to experience the effect of the training, and convince yourself of its value for the people in the company. At the end of the event, we foresee time for networking which is a  perfect opportunity to create new contacts.

Bring your business cards and charm, and the mood - at the end will be good for all of us.

When: 18th of June (Tuesday) from 17:00 till 18:30. - training and networking
Where: Serdika street 1, 3rd floor

Maximum of sixteen participants

Entry: Free

Next dates:

10.07. - 15:30 h

30.07. - 10:00 h