The TCI European Conference 2018 will be open for TCI members as well as non-members - national and international participants, involved in the development & competitiveness of regions. Between 350 to 400 delegates are expected, mostly from Europe, where aiming for 100 Bulgarian delegates.

The audience:

  • Business leaders 
  • Cluster managers 
  • Policy makers 
  • Researchers 
  • Consultants 
  • Universities 
  • Regional/National Development Agencies 
  • Economic development agencies 
  • National ministry 
  • Competitiveness council 
  • Local Authorities


The organizing committee would like to cordially invite you to become an official partner of the TCI European Conference to be held 20 - 22 March 2018 in Sofia, Bulgaria, as well as to take part in the conference programme.


Here are some of the initial topics:

  • What has been achieved in Eastern Europe so far & what remaining challenges need to be challenged through clusters?
  • Where EU cluster policies need to go?
  • Financing instruments for clusters
  • Globalisation, digitalisation and sustainable development as key factors for shaping our economy growth, innovation, competitiveness and services


Benefits for host country, official partners and local business

The TCI conferences bring together experts in the field from around the globe and aim to be a forum to create progress in the practice of cluster development, regional competitiveness and innovation support.  

A TCI Conference makes the Host destination highly visible, both internationally and within its own local and regional context. 

Expectations of the conference delegates include: 

  • Learning about the hosting region/clusters/programs;
  • Benchmarking their initiatives;
  • Finding networking opportunities and cooperation partners; 
  • Exploring new models and ideas;
  • Experimenting practical tools that help in their daily work;
  • Envisioning what’s next around competitiveness. 


This is an opportunity to profile our economic development and to learn from world-class experts and global delegates.

The conference is organized by Sofia Municipality in co-operation with the Association of Business Clusters of Bulgaria and Consulting Cluster Veritas on behalf of TCI Network


Attached to your attention is the presentation for sponsors and partners, and provisional programme. Joining the conference and supporting this initiative, will help not only to keep the conference execution at high standards, but mostly will facilitate the attraction of Bulgarian delegates at more affordable rates.

All BBBA members have 10% discount from the official delegates rates.

You can contact us to get more details on the discount. 

About the TCI Network

TCI Network is the leading global network of main organizations and practitioners with deep expertise in clusters and competitiveness, which collaborate in a unique open, flexible and practical context to advance in the practice of competitiveness, innovation and cluster development. Through its activities, TCI reaches out to 9,000 practitioners from development agencies, government departments, cluster organizations, academic institutions, companies and multilateral organizations in over 110 countries. Founded in 1998, TCI is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization with a global scope, open to members from all continents. 

TCI Network General Figures 2017

  • 66 organisational members
  • 45 active members
  • 46 countries
  • 800 + participants in 2017 TCI conferences