Teach For Bulgaria is looking for associates and supporters!

On April 16 at 19:30 a meeting will be held at the Google office with current and future supporters of Teach for Bulgaria in London, where they will talk about the development of leadership in the education sector in Bulgaria, and how each of us can support the Teach for Bulgaria mission: equal access to quality education for every child in the country.

Time & Date: 16th of April, 19:30 pm

Venue: Google office

Confirm participation by the 31st of March here.

Founded on the initiative and with the financial support of the American Foundation for Bulgaria Foundation, for the 8th year Teach for Bulgaria Foundation attracts, selects, educates and supports talented and talented graduates and motivated and experienced professionals to work as teachers of the students most in need of support to improve motivation and academic achievement. They work tirelessly to overcome the various barriers their students face - poverty, unhealthy family environment, lack of motivation, access to development opportunities, and so on.

Programme participants help their students develop the knowledge and life skills they need to succeed. In their fieldwork at school, the participants themselves also purposefully develop their leadership skills and become familiar with the challenges facing the Bulgarian education system. After participating in the programme, they continue to work as active advocates for educational change through direct or in-school work. More than half of the former 163 Teach for Bulgaria graduates continue to be actively engaged in school and in the education sector, developing in different career paths - school leadership, social entrepreneurship, public policies, and more.

The work of Teach for Bulgaria along with the participants in the program would not be possible without the support and commitment of their partners and followers. People united by the common cause of equal access to quality education and the attitude that everyone can contribute to its realization. On April 16, you are invited you to find out more about the ways in which you and your acquaintances in London can become Teach for Bulgaria associates!