Technology is already an integral part of the business. Regardless of the size of the company and the industry it operates in, technologies are constantly changing the business environment and are going to do that faster and faster. Tech infrastructure is also changing the culture and the relationships between different sectors. It has also become an important factor for the development and growth of almost any company.

But what steps should a company follow to make the AI working for their business and how to manage an intelligent company – these and other topics will be discussed at Club Tech of Tomorrow, April 17, Capital Fort. 

The event will gather leading technology companies and business representatives who will not only discuss but also show how the artificial intelligence can be used successfully.

The speakers will give examples and tell more about the projects with their clients from different sectors. They will share the results and the benefits of using AI and how the new technology solutions are becoming the key to success.


  • How can a company become an intelligent one?
  • Data Mining & Data Analytics – the importance of using them
  • Companies that are brave enough to invest in new technologies
  • Is the AI is smart enough for the business?
  • Companies and sectors which shows the benefits of using AI


Diana Stefanova  - VMware Managing Site Director Bulgaria and EMEA R&D

Tsvetan Alexiev – CEO, Sirma Group

Anna – Mary Vilamovska  -   Executive Director, Ideas Driver

Vasil Popovski  - CEO & Co-founder,

Hristo Hadjitchonev – Co-founder and CEO, A4E

Atanas Kiryakov, - CEO, Ontotext

Alexander Velinov – Head of Testing, Endava

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