This January 27th in 2018 Creative Solutions are organizing TEDxVITOSHA.

An event which combines speakers, demonstrations, videos, live performances, delicious coffee breaks and unparalleled networking. 

Date: 27 January, from 09:00 – 18:00

Venue: NDK, hall 2 Azaryan theatre

The theme of the conference is inspired by the Bulgarian writer Aleko Konstantinov, whose footsteps echo  on the Vitosha mountain where two huts are named after him, and in downtown Sofia, where on Vitosha blvd. there’s a statue of him. His nickname – The Happy Guy -is a powerful reason to invite positive speakers who will share smart and constructive ideas for our society. 

For further information, regarding the event and tickets please visit the official website

Contact details:

Т: +359 2 980 9868