We would like to share with you a commentary on Brexit by David Hampson Ph.D., BBBA founding member and past chairman. 

As originally a British citizen becoming an American after my Doctoral education at Stanford I have always felt a strong attachment to my native country. However, of late and the debacle of the Brexit process, even I have become frustrated with the “Muddle Through” mentality that Churchill seemed to be so proud of. I have followed the internal divisions such as Boris Johnson trying to undermine the Prime Minister and a form of thinking about the greatness of “Great Britain” that I am sorry to say is an illusion.  If Scotland decide to walk we may have difficulty to use the name Britain and be England once again.

What the leaders and supporters of Britain need to understand is that the original victory and extended life of Britain was due to the role played by both the United States and Russia otherwise even the channel would have essentially been breached.

I call to the reader’s attention a very recent study undertaken by the Stanford Business School. It is interesting in that about 2 and a half years ago a Senior US official talking with me said “Do they (the British) realize the massiveness of the project they are beginning. They are going to have a massive issue in gaining access to requirements currently covered by the E.U. The Stanford study is an up to date analysis on the impact of Brexit on UK Business. It is a good read and maybe just maybe, some self-serving senior politicians will delay the inevitable. I hope so but would not bet on it.

Note link to Stanford Study https://www.gsb.stanford.edu/insights/what-brexit-means-uk-business-jumping-out-plane-without-parachute?utm_source=Stanford+Business&utm_campaign=83c5d7fd90-Stanford-Business-Issue-155-2-10-2019&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0b5214e34b-83c5d7fd90-74096049&ct=t(Stanford-Business-Issue-155-2-10-2019