About the Position: 

We, at Teach For Bulgaria, believe that people are the most valuable resource to help bring about positive change in our lives and to contribute to every child’s access to quality education which would allow them to realise their full potential. This is why we offer a leadership and professional development program which allows motivated university graduates and professionals with different backgrounds to deepen their understanding of education in Bulgaria and to gain the skills and knowledge it takes to improve its quality.

The participants in Teach For Bulgaria’s program teach at Bulgarian public schools where their support is most needed for a period of two years. They continue working towards equal access to quality education after the program by pursuing careers in some of the following tracks – effective teaching and school leadership, social entrepreneurship, public policy, and community development. This career development helps Teach For Bulgaria alumni become change agents in education along with team members, partners, and other supporters of the organisation.

Key Responsibilities: 

Every participant in Teach For Bulgaria’s program makes the commitment to work as a teacher for a period of two years. Working with students, parents, fellow teachers, principals, and community stakeholders is the best way for our participants to deepen their understanding of education in Bulgaria. This is the only way for them to find the most effective solutions which would lead to positive change. 

Our participants develop their own school and community projects during the two-year program. This allows for some extracurricular activities with the students and helps teachers develop their planning and organizational skills giving them access to a network of external partners who can support their work.

All participants in our program have additional ongoing training during their two years in the classroom. This ongoing training is based on our participants’ professional needs and areas of improvement.


  • Bachelor degree (in any subject) obtained no later than 1 September 2020
  • Fluency in Bulgarian language
  • Willingness and motivation to work as a teacher during the two-year period of the program in Bulgaria
  • Previous teaching experience is not necessary.

Why you should join us: 

  • You will have the opportunity to work directly towards overcoming a great unfairness in our society - education inequity and the lack of access to quality education for unprivileged children from poor background.
  • Teaching helps participants develop a variety of skills which would be useful in their career development, whether they choose to stay in the profession or pursue a different path. According to the World Economic Forum, some of these skills are crucial for professional success in the 21st century – decision making, emotional intelligence, coordination, people management, creativity, critical thinking, and complex problem solving.
  • As a participant you will receive training for effective teaching developed by Teach for Bulgaria which is recognised by the Ministry of education and science of Bulgaria.
  • If you do not have any formal teaching qualification, we will cover all expenses for such in a Bulgarian partner university.
  • You will receive individual mentorship and support from experienced teachers, coaches and our wider participant/alumni community.
  • There is financial support available for all participants during the preliminary summer training (July-August 2020).
  • There is financial support available for any participant who changes their residency to take part in the program.
  • As a participant you will join a community of over 400 education change-makers and a global network of over 50 organisations across 6 continents - ""Teach for All"".
  • Professional development guidance for after the two-year program.