AstraZeneca is a global, science-led biopharmaceutical business and our innovative medicines are used by millions of patients worldwide.

Driven by innovative science and our entrepreneurial culture, we are focused on the delivery of life-changing medicines that are fuelling growth and contributing value to patients and society.

The fundamentals of our strategy are clear. We focus on innovative science and leadership in our three main therapy areas: Oncology; Cardiovascular, Renal and Metabolism; and Respiratory diseases. Backed by a global presence, with strength in Emerging Markets, particularly China, we have a portfolio of specialty and primary care medicines.

At the same time, the world around us is changing and the burden of disease is increasing. We are responding by increasing our focus on growth through innovation - being more patient-centric, doing more with technology, digital and data, and advancing more cutting-edge science.

All this is reflected in our three strategic priorities:  

  • Accelerate innovative science
  • Deliver growth and therapy area leadership:
  • Be a great place to work

Our business is organized to deliver our strategic priorities sustainably, supporting continued scientific innovation and commercial success. 

We want to transform healthcare, change the lives of billions of people for the better and address some of the biggest healthcare challenges facing humankind. Our ambition is to stop the progress of these often degenerative, debilitating, and life-threatening conditions, achieve remission, and one day cure them.

We are leading a revolution in oncology to redefine cancer care. We have a bold ambition to provide cures for cancer in every form. We are following the science to understand cancer and all its complexities to discover, develop and deliver life-changing treatments and increase the potential to save the lives of people around the world.


Address: 1057 Sofia, Bulgaria, 37 Dragan Tzankoc Bld., floor 8

: +359 (2) 44 55 000