B EYE is a fast-developing software and consulting company specialized in delivering state-of-the-art Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Modelling & Planning solutions.

Our team of highly qualified data experts helps Fortune 500 Pharma, Medical Devices, Fintech and Production companies to discover new opportunities, implement data-driven strategies and empower users by transforming their corporate data into meaningful insights.

To achieve results, we work closely with customers to build analytical dashboards, planning & budgeting models, predictive analytics and improve their data literacy with training tailored to their specific needs.

Our mission is to bring Business Intelligence and Modelling & Planning beyond technology and to enable companies to revolutionize the way they operate.

Our key qualifications include data extraction, data transformation and processing and data visualization in Qlik, Anaplan and Microsoft Power BI platforms. Form 2019 we are developing also expertise in Robotic Process Automation based on UI Path platform.