British School of Sofia was established in 2010 as a response to the need for quality education that creates competitive people who can and will develop further, both in Europe and worldwide. Success is a product of prestige, ambition and competency. This is exactly what children obtain at the British School of Sofia - a high European level of education.

We are the first British school in Bulgaria covering the entire range of the British program of study - from pre-school to high school. Our educational standards fully comply with the strict requirements and criteria of Great Britain. Our pupils are immersed in an English language environment from an early age and learn the language to a native level. We are one of a handful of British Schools beyond the shores of the United Kingdom, which uses the British educational model and provides British certificates for all levels of education. The British School of Sofia is a part of the British educational system and its certificates are equivalent to the certificates provided by all British schools. They are the same regardless of where the pupils study.


Website: www.bssofia.bg/

Email: office@bssofia.bg

Phone: +359 886 510 510