bTalks Agile (www.btalks.com) helps companies, teams and individuals to improve their own processes and working environment by providing Agile coaching, training and consulting services. bTalks Agile was founded by Teodora Todorova, Agile Coach, Trainer and Consultant, and Nevena Mladenova, Business Development Partner. With more than 13 years of experience in Information Technology and Project Management, they worked for companies such as Microsoft, Melon, etc. bTalks Agile offers predefined cources and customised training solutions and consulting, tailored to fit the specific business needs of the organisation. The results achieved are recognised by both the companies’ management and the beneficiaries of the provided services. Among its customers are Flat Rock Technology, Melon, Mnemonica, C-Wise, Devision and TechnoFarm.


Website: www.btalks.com
Address: 1113 Sofia, 6 N.Haytov tr., ent. B, office 2
E-mail: info@btalks.com
Phone: +359 890 331 312