We are corporate consultants with more than 10 years of experience in providing complex legal services to foreign and domestic clients on almost all legal matters that have impact on the business, including various corporate and commercial transactions, deal sourcing, Real Estate matters, Intellectual property, Employment matters, business related Compliance such as AML, GDPR, Anti-trust & competition, Consumer law.

In the M&A field we are not only doing the legal consultancy, but also providing prospecting of the company itself.

Our main credo is working in close synergy with our clients and gaining insight on the specifics of their businesses so that we are able to provide professional and tailor-made decisions.

But above all we see our role not only as service suppliers, but also as opportunity providers.

We’ve always been investing our efforts and using our contacts to provide our clients with new perspectives for growing of their businesses. If there is a potential for you and your company that can be found somewhere among our partners, we will gladly pave the way for any new business initiative. This can be confirmed by our clients, among which are leading financial companies, food processors, hardware manufacturers, utilities, content providers, online retailers and many others.


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