ELRAN Ltd helps organizations to achieve their sustainability goals through innovative digital tools and solutions. ELRAN offers creative digital marketing, brand awareness campaigns, corporate social responsibility programs, teambuilding activities, custom solutions and consultancy in the spheres of employees’ wellness benefits and ecologically sustainable behavior. 

ELRAN empowers organizations who are looking for ways to increase employees’ satisfaction with custom pro-health activities, gamified CSR, creative PR and go-green programs no matter the location.

CARDIO ATHLETIC is a part of the ELRAN’s tools – an outdoor physical activity reward mobile application. It tracks users’ walking, running and cycling. For every tracked activity the users receive rewards from the corporate partners and collect virtual coins, which they can spend in the app’s marketplace. CARDIO ATHLETIC app provides the organizations with the opportunity to make their own games and initiatives to increase employees’ engagement or to gain access to a vibrant wanting to live healthy community. 


Elena Ruseva, CEO

M: +359883394183

E: elena.ruseva@cardioathletic.com 

W: CardioAthletic.com