What brings together used beer caps, a luxury automobile brand and a start-up company? It is creativity, business knowledge and entrepreneurial instinct.

15 years ago our founders’ drive to be always thinking “out of the box” was challenged by an intriguing ad: whoever, in the period of 2 months, collected the highest number of Zagorka beer caps, would win a brand new BMW X5. And no - Irena and Victor didn’t turn out to be the biggest beer drinkers, but rather the best “we can do it” team. They simply used their outstanding marketing, logistics, financial, PR and organisational skills to set up in a fortnight a network of 12 offices around Bulgaria, to draft a compensation plan, to program a website and… they ended up collecting (actually buying) 360 000 beer caps! And yes, they won the car! With the money from the sale of this BMW X5 they decided to put their knowledge and energy into their own venture, motivating young people with their attitude to never stop pursuing new challenges and sources of inspiration.

Over the years Creative Solutions have managed to become a group of professionals united by the belief that “if there is a will, there is a way”. We are privileged to partner with some of the biggest international brands in the world of luxury, finance and media. Our clients’ unconventional wishes and ideas make us feel comfortable every time we have to get out of our “comfort zone”. There is nothing more pleasing to us than our partner’s sincere “thank you” at the end of a successful project.

What we do:


  • For 14 years now we are the publishers of PREMIUM Lifestyle magazine – bi-monthly exclusive guide in the world of luxury, distributed by courier as personalised copies for a group of 8000 selected readers: high-net-worth individuals, business owners, C-suite executives, etc.
  • www.premium.bg – fresh and exciting news from the world of luxury on a daily basis.
  • Creative Solutions has been the official business representative of The Economist Group for the last 20 years – bringing here The Economist Events (icluding various regional Economist conferences and the recent The World In 2018 Gala Dinner), EIU Reports, Economist Corporate Network, and growing The Economist audience in Bulgaria in print and digital. Website: www.economist.com

Event Management

We’ve specialised in organising memorable events for our most special partners and friends. Highlights of our event management portfolio include three Lux Only Conferences, two "All White Wimbledon Afternoons" with Rolex, more than 15 Chic & Cozy parties; the exclusive pre-premiere of “Spectre” movie with the some of the global partners of the production, TED Cinema Experience 2016 and 2017 – satellite broadcast captured LIVE from Vancouver, Canada, TEDxVitosha: Щастливците.

Upcoming event

TEDxVitosha Live in April 2018 – follow us on our Facebook page to stay up to date about the most recent news: TEDxVitosha.


Address: 1, Macedonia, sqr., fl. 12

T: +359 2 980 9868

M: +359 885 721 709

E-mail: e.koleva@premium.bg

WEB: www.premium.bg