Credissimo is a dynamic high-tech company and is one of the fastest-growing FinTech / FinTec / structures in the non-banking financial sector. As the leader in the online credit market, our company is constantly imposing new solutions to provide our customers with short-term financing opportunities. As a high-tech company, we are constantly striving to develop and deploy innovative services that are adequate to the rapidly evolving digital world.

Credissimo is, above all, a consumer-oriented company. With our innovative solutions, innovations and automated processes, we respond to the needs of our users in need of short-term financing. Led by the desire to be as user-friendly and user-friendly as possible, we were the first in Bulgaria to offer full credit online credit and approval within minutes.


Website: www.credissimo.bg/

Email: contacts@credissimo.bg

Phone: 0700 12 0 12