For an event to be successful, multiple details need to fit into millimeters. And a lot of people - from potential managers to wardrobeers, cooks to loaders, all need to perform their tasks unmistakably, working consistently with each other. The coordination of each event must be flawless. The core of our professional philosophy is the quest to offer the diversity and fascination of the world gourmet culture. The Cult Gourmet Catering team is made up of professionals with rich experience motivated to offer you an excellently prepared product of the highest quality.

Cult Gourmet Catering is a company founded in 2008 by Dimo Dimov - a chef with a rich professional career. Since then, we have written the story of successful, memorable and exciting events, creating emotion through good food.


Cult Gourmet Catering

Address: 7 Iskarsko Shousse Blvd., Trade Center Europe. Building 1, Fl. 1, Office 1

T: +359 2 419 9909

E-mail: events@cultgourmet.com

WEB: www.cultgourmet.com