EL-A-PROJECT Ltd. is a Bulgarian company working in the field of electricity – design and engineering of projects. We have engineers with over 30 years experience in electricity.

Our projects are for external supply with middle voltage and low voltage cables, for overhead lines, for power substations, for transformer substations and for power and lighting installations.  

Our vision

The company’s team consists of highly qualified specialists in different spheres and activities. We also have contemporary technology and software at our disposal. Our latest innovation is the usage of ABB program for sizing and scaling of power substation and supply grids. Depending on the task type it is distributed to the respective specialist and department.

The competency and the motivation of the company’s staff are the basis for reaching the quality aims and improvement of the firm’s achievements.


El-A-Project Ltd

Address: 13 Chumerna Str, app. 4 Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact person: Adriana Sabeva-Panova, CEO 

T: +359 889 231 258