EMobility International is an innovative company that aims, through its Eldrive platform, to popularise and develop electromobility in South-eastern Europe.

Our vision encompasses a convenient and environmentally friendly transport that impacts not only the environment but also changes the way of thinking towards a carbon-free life.

The Eldrive platform combines the possibilities of finding and selecting a publicly available charging station, as well as renting a light or lightweight electric car for your everyday activities.

Our goal is to build a convenient infrastructure of charging stations covering the urban environment and the main roads of the Balkan Peninsula (Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Albania), including both DC charging stations and standard AC.

Additionally, we provide a new generation service - rental of electric cars, electric buses and electric bikes. Renting a vehicle of this type ensures complete control over transport costs, while providing a high level of comfort.


Address: Sofia, 18 Krakra Str.

Office: +359 2 489 7047; +359 895 557 516

Service: +359 2 419 3476; +359 894 331 336

WEB: www.eldrive.eu