Based in Sofia, Bulgaria Hobo is the first local micro-mobility startup. In September 2019 the scooter-sharing service was launched on the streets of Sofia. Hobo is a green, inexpensive and flexible last-mile transportation service for dense urban areas.

The scooters are dock-less, positioned at key points throughout the city and activated by a mobile application. Just touch, find the nearest Hobo, scan the code to unlock it and ride your scooter to your destination. Riders can rent the scooters for BGN 1.60 BGN to unlock and 0.20 BGN per minute. When finished, riders can leave the scooters parked nearly anywhere, where they will await their new users.

We want to make people happier and healthier by giving them an opportunity to choose a new and cool urban way of transportation.


Website: https://hobo.bg