We deliver Cloud, Automation, and DevOps solutions for strategically adopting automation as the foundation for prosperity in the digital age. Our certified experts advise on cutting-edge technology solutions, infrastructure, security, strategy, and process optimization. We help our customers to challenge digital transformation by delivering best-in-class engineering consultancy. It is our ultimate goal to empower enterprises through technology and innovation.
ITGix is an ISO27001-certified DevOps Services provider focused on Automation, Cloud Migration, Consulting, Projects Services, Support, and Managed Services. We are specialized in Containerization, Observability, and building CI/CD- Continuous Integration and Deployment for our customers. We dispose with Kubernetes clusters built-in Google Cloud, AWS, and on prem. We provide a high level of proactive support by greatly improving the infrastructure stability and reliability, implementing solutions with high availability architecture, monitoring, and security.
We support our customers to tackle IT-related problems by providing both conceptual and hands-on DevOps assistance. We cover all the way from coding to production. Aim to build fast, robust, and repeatable pipelines for error-free software development life cycle.
As individuals and as a team, we value curiosity, humility, integrity, and collaboration above all, and we exist to deliver better business through automation. We establish healthy, cooperative work relationships and methods based on honesty and ethics.


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