Magicflow Studio is a boutique creative agency based in London and Sofia. We have dedicated ourselves to creative work and combine various design and visual art techniques to make a statement. We are a small team of designers, videographers, artists, and illustrators committed to offering flexible custom solutions to our clients. We unite in our magical creativity flow to bring a new visual strategy and add value to your brand.

At Magicflow Studio, we use a holistic approach when we build brands. We determine the invisible links between the different aspects of your branding to create a better user experience. Whether you are just starting, launching a new product or want to transform an existing one, we are here to help you make the strategic decisions and practical considerations on your journey.


Website: www.magicflowstudio.com

Email: info@magicflowstudio.com

Instagram: @magicflowstudio


Aneliya Kaleva: ellie@magicflowstudio.com

Magdalena Golomeeva: maggie@magicflowstudio.com