Who We Are

  • A boutique, five-partner commercial law firm working in Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and elsewhere in the surrounding region.
  • Managed by British, Romanian and Bulgarian lawyers, all with international experience and qualifications.
  • Bucharest office established in 1992, Sofia office opened in 2006.
  • Associated with the international law firm Stephenson Harwood (shlegal.com).

Our Aims and Values

  • To be a trusted, knowledgeable, realistic and reliable adviser to our clients, by helping them to identify and to implement the right solution.
  • To understand our clients’ businesses and values so as to help them to make effective use of their opportunities, particularly in situations that are unfamiliar or where cultural differences exist.
What We Do

  • We provide practical and cost-effective advice and assistance on matters governed by English, Romanian, Bulgarian and other local laws.
  • We use our experience of international expectations and standards – and also of local business culture and conditions - to help our clients to avoid unwelcome surprises.
  • We draft and negotiate sophisticated but clear contractual and other documentation in the English, Romanian and Bulgarian languages, using experienced native speakers.


Sofia Contact: Julian Spassov 

Law Firm McGregor & Partners

Address: 11, Christo Smirnensky Blvd, 6th Floor, 1164 Lozenetz, Sofia Bulgaria

T: +359 28 65 17 17

Fax:  +359 28 65 18 18