Mercatus is a Boutique BPO & ITO service and solution provider which specializes in: B2B Lead Generation & Revenue Growth, LinkedIn Marketing Campaigns & Employer Branding, Social Selling, IT Staffing via BOT models, Software Outsourcing Services, , Customer Support and Data & Analytics Services.

As an end-to-end B2B sales & marketing agency, Mercatus provides multi-channel solutions to connect leading brands with their potential customers worldwide. We develop and implement both outbound & inbound sales & marketing strategies on behalf of our clients.

We aim to enrich their sales pipelines with BANT qualified leads.

We can both work as a remote sales team or support an existing sales team, as we help our clients to increase their market share and maximize their ROI.

What our clients achieves:

- Higher ROI

- New BANT qualified leads

- Customer growth

- Better sales execution

- Successful new market penetration & bigger market share

- Improved brand engagement  


Email: trayanov@mercatus.bg 

Tel: +359888290100

Website: www.mercatus.bg