Netins Insurance Brokers is a topnotch insurance brokerage firm known for being a leader in the underwriting field, and most creative product design to get solutions beyond expectations, 110% is the minimum acceptable standard for our team.
Together with our great team, we have been helping business owners to reduce administrative costs and save precious time and money. We build our trustworthy relationships throughout professionalism and Integrity. We feel that being trustworthy and honorable is a strong statement of character.
We have a high expertise in Employee Benefits, Bond & Credit Insurance, Liabilities and Transportation & Logistics business lines. Hereby we help business owners to motivate their key employees, increase efficiency in their organizations and at the same time reduce costs and save on taxes.
The founder and CEO of Netins Insurance Brokers Ltd is Mr Georgi Popovyanski, he is a Chairman and Member of the Management Board of Directors of the Association of the Insurance Brokers in Bulgaria (AIBB).

If you need a peace of mind for your business don't hesitate to contact our great team.
Sometimes it’s one simple idea that makes all the difference.


Website: https://www.netinsbrokers.com/

Address: Blvd Patriarh Evtimii 67, 1463 Sofia, Bulgaria

Tel: 0700 359 07

Email: office@netinsbrokers.com