Panorama Risk Management is a Centre of Excellence for risk management, risk financing and insurance. It will assist you in assessing and quantifying the risks your business faces and minimising them through the use of risk management best practice, financial and insurance tools.

Panorama Risk Management is not an insurance broker or an insurance company. It utilises fifteen years of in-house risk management and insurance buying experience and knowledge from across the globe.

Panorama Risk Management’s aims are:

  • Increase awareness of risks businesses face and the corresponding risk management and risk financing tools
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of various insurance products and their application
  • Promote the benefit of insuring private, public and corporate risks in order to improve resilience to natural or man-made disasters
  • Reduce negative and long-lasting financial effects thorough increasing insurance penetration in Bulgaria


Website: https://www.panorama-rm.com/

Email: n.todorova@panorama-rm.com