Plygear is emerging brand offering be-spoke furniture solutions made from plywood, reinventing the beauty of wood joints and  organic forms.
We have our own R&D and production facility located in Sofia, opened June 2017.
The core of our team consists of experienced architects with passion for innovative furniture design and creation of contemporary interior spaces.

Problem worth solving
Presently, the quality of our living environment at home, in the office, at school suffers substantially from the ugly laminated wood furniture, with its artificial appearance, boring shapes and huge carbon foot print.
Our solution
Our creativity combined with cutting-edge digital design and manufacturing technologies, delivers furniture solutions focusing on simplicity, natural feel, clean lines and deep respect for the environment.

Key characteristics of our work process and products:
1. Advanced and parametrically adaptable design, which enables the realization of individual solutions that meet the specific needs of the user;
2. Utilization of completely homogeneous material: high quality plywood of proven origin, in accordance with modern ecological production criteria;
3. Easy assembly without fasteners, special tools and skills, using traditional carpentry joints, interpreted in a new way, resulting from the benefits of the advanced 3d modeling and digitized material processing using a computer controlled milling machine;
4. A clean modern look combined with exceptional durability and endurance over the time;
5. Great flexibility of decisions and wide scope of application.


Website: https://plygear.com/