ProReal Bulgaria is a consultancy company specialized in commercial property.

Offices, industrial, retail, investment deals is what we do in ProReal. Leasing or selling property, looking to lease or buy new premises, interested in cost optimization - we will negotiate it all for you because negotiation is our main strength.

In ProReal our primary goal is to understand your needs, to find out the main drivers and motives behind our clients demand. For us what you need is more important than what we offer!

Once knowing what you would like to achieve in real estate, we share knowledge and suggest the most appropriate approach. Our commitment is to go through possible scenarios and to make our clients comfortable with the project’s frame and timeline.


Vladislav Kayzerov

Managing Partner

T: +359 2 448 58 50

M: +359 898 63 55 63

E-mail: kayzerov@proreal.bg

Web: https://proreal.bg/